Broncos Preparing For London

Denver BroncosHow do you get over a loss as painful as the one the Broncos got handed by the Raiders last Sunday? Easy. There’s only one way.

Just win baby! If you’re only as good as your last game, well, let’s not go there.

The Broncos must beat the 49’ers and there couldn’t be a better time or a better team to face.

The stage: London. The opponent: San Fransisco. This game isn’t just national, it’s International and I’ll say it again, the Broncos must win.

Sometimes in a close loss the loser will take something from it, learn from it and become better for it. The Broncos don’t have that same luxury.

But they do have this: key defensive players like Brian Dawkins and Andre Goodman should be returning from injury. The Broncos running game can build on what they were able to do with Knowshon back in the lineup.

The 49’ers will be starting Troy Smith at quarterback. That should be good news for the Broncos because Smith hasn’t played much in the NFL. He appeared in some games here and there for the Ravens but hasn’t really played much since the 07′ season.

In the past few seasons the Broncos have suffered major blow-out losses at the end of the season, to end their season.

This time, they have time to overcome the horrendous, we don’t speak about that game, loss to the you know who’s.

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