Denver Broncos: What Happened?

Denver BroncosAbout this time last year the Denver Broncos held a 6-2 record and nobody had a clue they would only add two more victories last year and start off 2-6 this year.

It hurts just thinking about it let alone having to write it down. What happened to the Broncos that started 6-0 a year ago?

We could bring up losing Brandon Marshall and Tony Sheffler but they were both here during the initial skid. So was Peyton Hillis although he was never really given a chance last year.

Throw losing Jay Cutler in there too, after all he did have his best year the year before Denver traded him posting 4,526 yards and 25 TD’s.

Then there’s the defense(less). The Denver Broncos defense that can play good enough to compete with the best teams in the league yet get blown out by the worst. That Defense.

Denver has lost good coaches too but every team goes through that cycle. We can go on and on with this so let’s just get to it.

What we have to do is look at the big picture and break it down. When that’s all said and done there is only one possible answer. It’s so simple, yet complex and it’s not what a lot of people want to hear.

Breaking the Broncos down into three era’s is simple, there’s BJE, JEe and PJE. Before John Elway, John Elway era and Post John Elway.

Only two of the era’s went to Superbowls. The Denver Broncos have played in six Superbowls total and John Elway started in five of them. So one Superbowl appearance BJE and five JEe. But in the PJE era the Broncos have only made it as far as the AFC championship game once and they lost hands down.

Simple, see. The Denver Broncos have not won a Superbowl without John Elway so the question is how long until they do?

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