How To Destroy An NFL Franchise

“How to destroy an NFL franchise in two years, Josh McDaniel’s could write the book”

Red flagDo you see the above quote? Did you know it was spoken weeks ago by a hall of fame defensive back? That’s right. Those are words strait from the mouth of Rod Woodson.

Woodson doesn’t believe in Josh McDaniel’s as an NFL head coach, Pat Bowlen does.

Bowlen has never played in the NFL, Rod Woodson has.

The more you noodle around with the entire Josh McDaniel’s fiasco the more you walk off scratching your head asking why you tried to understand the 2nd year NFL head coach in the first place.

Bring up the words Peyton Hillis and some Broncos fans will go ballistic because McDaniel’s traded away the popular running back and draft picks for Brady Quinn. There’s a head scratcher for you.

Remember McJaygate? Another head scrather by McDaniel’s who traded away the Broncos pro-bowl quarterback for Kyle Orton and draft picks.

The red flags were waving everywhere but only a few keen Broncos fans saw them waving. Pat Bowlen didn’t. Joe Ellis didn’t. But some good ol’ Denver folks who bleed orange and blue did.

There’s only one NFL head coach in history known for running talented players and experienced NFL coaches out the door like it’s nobodies business. His name is Josh McDaniel’s.

Some could say Mike Nolan left Denver because Miami is a more attractive job, but the real reason is sitting at his desk somewhere in Dove Valley wondering how in the world he lost the last 17 out of 22 games.

You see how you can go bald quickly trying to analyze the mind of Josh McDaniel’s? He wanted to move to a power running scheme but then traded away his best power runner for a backup QB?

Two more mind boggling words: Alphonso Smith. If you don’t know that story look it up in the what not to do in the NFL draft book.

Tim Tebow is a head scratcher for opposite reasons. He has limited playing time but has scored 4 TD’s and appears to be automatic in the red zone. But McDaniels’ refuses to give him more playing time.

Last year McDaniel’s refused to give Peyton Hillis more playing time then traded him away.

There’s no Broncos flags waving in Denver, just red ones. Unfortunately the people that can’t see them are color blind or…who knows anymore. What I do know is the Broncos are 3-9, let their record speak for itself.

mysite says:

I was a fan who frequently asked that McDaniel being given time to show that his choices would pay off in the end. Now I am eating crow and admitting he did nothing but take away the confidence and pride of loyal fans who stick by their team at any cost.

I defended an idiot who seemingly came to Denver with the sole purpose of destroying a till now, respected franchise. Your article does an excellent job of highlighting his abhorrent and ridiculous trades and decisions, After reading your consolidation of the facts, no one in their right mind could possibly continue to have faith in the boy coach. Well, he’s gone and thank you Lord. Now the re-building starts and let’s hope it doesn’t take years to undo the mess he leaves behind. Pat Bowlen SHOULD NOT be left off the hook, he can’t be in his right mind giving so much power to such an inexperienced kid.

atwater4hof says:

A mere minute after I submitted this I got the news that McDaniel’s was fired.


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