We’re Back in Kansas Toto

Denver BroncosFor Dorothy and Toto being in Kansas is a good thing but the Denver Broncos (3-8) have to play the Chiefs (7-4) in Kansas City, Missouri which is usually a nightmare. The last time the Broncos played at Arrowhead stadium they lost 44-24 and Jamaal Charles nearly broke the NFL single game rushing record with 259 yards on the ground.

This year the tide seemingly turned when Denver put on a 49-29 drubbing of the Chiefs at INVESCO field. But did it?

McSpygate II wasn’t publicly known until a couple weeks after Denver’s big win against K.C. Which also might shed light on the Todd Haley post game fiasco.

Haley reportedly told McDaniel’s “people are talking a lot of (expletive) about you,” make of that what you will. Conspiracy theorists have had a hay day with that one.

What is clear is that Haley and the Chiefs want revenge and the tale tell signs indicate they might get it.

The Chiefs are playing well and coming off of a big win over Seattle. The Broncos are not playing well and coming off of a home loss to the now 5-6 Rams.

The Broncos are inconsistent. It’s hard to imagine them putting up the same performance especially in Kansas City under these circumstances.

Stats people love Kyle Orton. After all he has thrown for 3,370 yards and 20 touchdowns. He’s on pace to shatter his career highs in those categories but he might not get to see that happen. The real story isn’t about Orton’s flashy stats. Only 5 wins in 21 games is. John Elway used to have similar numbers for an entire season but he would have 11 or so wins to go along with it.

If Kansas City begins to route Denver like many think they will, then the Broncos will have to turn to their only hope, Tim Tebow.

One has to believe that Josh McDaniel’s is saving Tebow for just the right time. There might be no better time than Sunday afternoon in Kansas city.

atwater4hof says:

You know it! I’d love to see Tebow get more playing time. He’s got 4 TD’s playing very limited snaps so it appears he’s being held back if anything.

denver_girl says:

I totally agree with the call to play Tebow this Sunday, why not? Well other than the fact that the Chiefs are out for revenge. On that thought, keep Orton in. :O|


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