Bookmaker Odds On Tim Tebow Mets MLB

The New York Mets are sending Tim Tebow to the Arizona Fall League (AFL) which begins October 11 and it’s no surprise that Bookmaker has smacked down odds for his debut. Tebow’s baseball career started off with a bang as he hit a home run on the first pitch of his first at-bat for the Mets Arizona instructional league. Not long after that the Mets decided to move Tebow up into the Arizona Fall league where he’ll get more experience against tougher competition.

Here are the Bookmaker Odds on Tim Tebow Mets Arizona Fall League

Result of Tim Tebow’s first at-bat in the AFL

Strikeout +150

Fly out +250

Ground out +280

Hit (single, double, triple, home run) +300

Walk +500

Hit by pitch +2500

Tim Tebow total strikeouts during first 20 at-bats in AFL

OVER 7.5 +140

UNDER 7.5 -180

Tim Tebow OPS after first 20 at-Bats in AFL

OVER .550 -200

UNDER .550 +160

Tim Tebow total hits during 1st 20 at-bats in AFL

OVER 5.5 +180

UNDER 5.5 -230

Do you want to bet against Tebow? History says no. While widely criticized as an NFL quarterback for lack of accuracy and decision making he still led the Broncos to a playoff win and set a passing record that may never beat beat – most passing yards per attempt in a playoff game. And one other record, fastest win in over time for a playoff game. Chew on that.



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