The Lost Art of Driving

I think it’s time for a little rant on drivers out on the roads these days. It seems like in the 80’s and 90’s – before everybody had a cell phone or smartphone – that people paid attention when driving and actually, well, drove better.

What is the right way to drive? Let’s go over a few examples of the wrong way of driving I see just about everyday so you can get an idea.

Here are 10 easy ways to make our daily commute better.

1. Stop texting and driving and be ready to GO when the light turns green if you’re texting at a stop light.

2. 4-way stops. Please stop – then go! Do you know how many times I am approaching a 4-way stop sign to see a car sitting there stopped and to WAIT until I come and stop before they finally go. It’s annoying to say the least. You’re holding me up unnecessarily – stop it!

3. Speed up. Why does everybody go so slow? Because you are jibber jabbing to your passenger or on your phone. Face it – if you aren’t paying attention to the road you aren’t going to drive right.

4. Stop driving next to the car in the other lane therefore not allowing the people that want to pass you to do so.

5. Don’t get over to get the first spot at a stop light if you are going to go slow.

6. Stop rubber necking accidents. If you want a better luck pull over.

7. Don’t police the fast lane. Nobody likes the guy that goes the speed limit or under in the fast lane – it’s called the FAST LANE for a reason.

8. Don’t speed up when someone is obviously trying to pass you. You’re either doing it on purpose or it’s because you’re texting and not realizing what your doing either way, don’t do it.

9. Go when the light turns green. Make sure it’s clear but GO!

10. This one is for whoever put red turn arrows on lights where they are not needed. WHY!!!!?? Nothing worse than sitting at a red turn arrow when you can see that it’s clear to go. This must have been a conspiracy because there are sooooo many unnecessary red turn arrows out there these days.

I’m not a driving instructor, just someone trying to make our daily commute a bit better by proving you with the lost art of driving.



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