Peyton Manning – Broncos Biggest Concern

Broncos wins streakThe biggest concern for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos this Saturday is not the resurgence of Ray Lewis. It’s not Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense which is starting to click under their new play caller Jim Caldwell.

The Broncos man-handled the Ravens when they played on December 16th and that was in Baltimore.

You know what the Broncos biggest concern is, or ought to be? The greatest regular season quarterback himself, Peyton Manning.

The Broncos going 13-3 this season is no surprise. The Broncos current 11-game winning streak is no surprise. What the Broncos fans should most be concerned about is Peyton Manning’s playoff history. Out of 11 trips to the playoffs, Manning’s Colts have lost in their first playoff game seven times and that is some real cause for concern.

Peyton Manning Playoff History:

1999: Lost to the Tennessee Titans 19-16 (Manning’s first playoff appearance)
2000: Lost to the Miami Dolphins 23-17 (Wild-card playoff game)
2002: Lost to the New York Jets 41-0 (Wild-card playoff game)
2003: Won against the Broncos and Chiefs Lost the AFC Championship game to the Patriots 24-14
2004: Won against the Broncos Lost to the Patriots 20-3 (AFC Divisional playoff game)
2005: Lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-18 (Divisional playoff game)
2006: Won the Superbowl over Rex Grossman’s Bears 29-17
2007: Lost to the Chargers 28-14 (Divisional playoff game)
2008: Lost to the Chargers 23-17 (Wild-card playoff game)
2009: Made it to the Superbowl Lost to the New Orlean Saints 31-17
2010: Lost to the New York Jets 17-16 (Wild-card playoff game)

But the past is past. This is a new Peyton Manning with a new team, completely different from his Colts teams of old. Meanwhile, the Broncos are counting on hosting Ray Lewis’s retirement party this Saturday at Sports Authority at Mile High Field.

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