AFC Showdown Broncos vs Patriots

Denver BroncosHow big is the Broncos game this Sunday against the New England Patriots? It’s so big people are treating it almost like a playoff game.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots come to town to face Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium for what is considered a huge game in the AFC.

Tom vs. Tim. Brady’s Patriots offense is a scoring machine likely to test Denver’s defense to the limits. What’s interesting is how New England has pulled off a 10-3 record despite having the lowest ranked defense in the league as far as giving up yardage is concerned.

But make no mistake, the Patriots defense might give up yards but they are good at creating turnovers and stuffing teams in the red zone.

This is a great matchup indeed. CBS and NBC fought over the rights to this game.

Analysts said the Jets would beat the Broncos, they didn’t. They said the Broncos couldn’t win in a shootout but they did against the Vikings. They said the Broncos couldn’t beat the Bears, they did. Which is perhaps why you don’t always listen to what “they” say.

Tim Tebow doesn’t. They said he couldn’t start in the NFL. When he did it changed to he couldn’t win in the NFL. The Broncos record with Tebow starting this season is 7-1, without him it was 1-4.

The Denver Broncos didn’t listen to the skeptics. They believe. They believe they can win, right here right now. Tim Tebow retweeted the following tweet from defensive teammate Brian Dawkins.

Brian Dawkins Tweet

ths is nothing new. But it's the truth T.E.A.M T ogether E verybody A chieves M ore. #BIDB Believe In Dem Broncos

Can the Broncos beat the Patriots tomorrow? They believe they can. I believe they can. I certainly wouldn’t bet against it happening.

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