Colorado Police State

With airport “security” once again getting national attention it’s time to evaluate Colorado’s role as a police state.

This might be a question for James Wolfinbarger, chief of Colorado state patrol but I’m not sure who is in charge of making all the decisions that the Colorado police deptartment abides by but someone makes them.

Take Douglas County for example. They now have police officers patrol residential mailboxes. Not looking for theives of course. But to ticket people that drive up to the community mailbox and park across the street for a few seconds while they go and check their mail.

Ticket worthy? NEVER. So what gives? Money. It’s all about money. Everybody knows it too.

This is not an isolated incident. In Aspen Grove the police park a little to the side by some bushes near a 4-way stop sign looking for the next person that doesn’t come to a complete three second stop so they can issue a ticket.

Fair? No. This is going a little too far. The police department was never supposed to be a money making racket and that’s what they’ve become. It’s really one of the sad stories of American history.

We’re not even talking about police corruption, that’s another book all together. We’re not talking about the millions of dollars spent on security cameras that are installed all over the streets of America.

We’re talking about police that are now more concerned with ticketing average, everyday, working class tax payers for petty reasons rather than truly “protecting and serving” their district.

It’s time to call Chief James Wolfinbarger, the governor and whoever else holds power in the state before it’s too late, Colorado will be just another police state.

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