Breaking Down the Broncos

If you’re out there shouting get Kirk Cousins with your bull horn you might want to settle down and think about this for a minute. Will Kirk Cousins fix the Broncos whoes? Cousins is good but is he great? The Redskins are not making the playoffs this year so what makes you think the Broncos do with Cousins at the helm? Are you ready to break the bank to get him too?

The Broncos problems are deeper than just the quarterback position. So deep, in fact, that it’s getting a little concerning. Why? Because you can’t quite put your finger on it. Just list some of the things that happened since the departure of Peyton Manning. Gary Kubiak started Trevor Siemian over Paxton Lynch, good call. But it appears John Elway has wanted Lynch to start all along. The next season it was a quarterback competition again, and new head coach Vance Joseph picks…Siemian. Then it’s Osweiller then Lynch then Siemian and who’s starting this week? Paxton Lynch we’re told.

Trevor Siemian Paxton Lynch Kirk Cousins

Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch and Kirk Cousins

Why didn’t the Broncos go after Jimmy Garappolo? Then again, not sure if that would have helped with the current staff. Or would it? See how complex this situation is.

So what exactly is going on? Who is making personnel decisions? It’s Elway, no it’s Joseph that fired McCoy. Elway is the decider. Or is he? When is the Pat Bowlen apponited committee going to appoint an owner? See where this is going.

The Broncos need to fix the offensive line, the Broncos need playmakers on offense but they have playmakers on offense! But not a breakout tight ened unless that ends up being Austin Traylor.

What about attitude? Does the current roster have the right attitude? A winning attitude? An “I got your back and you have mine” attitude? Not sure. They say they do but in the words of former two-time Super Bowl champion head coach Mike Shanahan, “talk is cheap.” The most interesting thing going for the Broncos right now is going to be the offseason. Until the, Happy New Year!



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