I’m Sorry Cam Newton #Panthers #Broncos Super Bowl 50

Dear Cam Newton,

I’m sorry that you are going to Super Bowl 50 only to lose. It was a nice run, no pun. We know you can dab but your little brother dabs better, he’s smooth.

I’m sorry that Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware and Derek Wolfe are going to take turns sacking you and hitting you. You haven’t faced a defense like the Broncos in your entire life, you don’t even know what’s coming.

I’m sorry that you think the Panthers can actually win this game. You can’t, you won’t.

I’m sorry that you don’t realize that Peyton Manning is rested, refreshed and ready to rumble. This is his swan song and the Panthers can’t do anything to stop him from going out on top. This might be Peyton’s last rodeo but it’s not his first!

I’m sorry that Luke Kuechly is going to lose Super Bowl 50, I like Luke Kuechly.

I’m sorry that you think you’re the first black quarterback to start in the Super Bowl, you’re not (see Doug Williams and Russell Wilson).

I’m sorry that Tom Brady should be the MVP of the league this year, not you.

I’m sorry that you haven’t won a Super Bowl and after this year’s game you won’t either.

I’m sorry that NASCAR is a bigger draw in Carolina than NFL football.

Most of all I’m sorry that I’m not sorry at all, Go Broncos!!!

Sorry Cam Newton



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