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Diana DeGette

“I received this survey from an anonymous source and enjoyed filling it out since I will never get a request from Diana DeGette about my opinion.” – LC

What should our top priorities be in 2016?
Creating jobs and expanding the middle class
I think that we should encourage big corporations to bring their businesses back to the United States and then hire the “middle class” to work for them so that the “middle class” can work their way up to being the “upper class” Why encourage mediocrity? We have plenty of that already. Then maybe the “middle class” jobs would then be available to the “lower class”. See how that works! Hard work brings rewards.

Improving our health care system
Get rid of the “Affordable Care Act”. The government does not belong in healthcare. More and more Americans are paying out more than ever before for their healthcare, co-pays and deductibles. Also, how can a government mandate that people buy a product they don’t want and then penalize them for not buying it?

Passing comprehensive immigration reform
Do not allow any illegal immigrants automatic citizenship. They should be deported and then they can apply for citizenship. The people that do it correctly have to wait and take citizen tests. Why should they do it right when all of the illegal immigrants just have to come over and stay and they get their citizenship without doing anything? NOT RIGHT. It is a slap in the face to the people that are following the law.

Enacting meaningful legislation on gun violence prevention
Anyone thinking that taking away guns from people will prevent gun violence cannot be thinking logically. Look at Chicago, Baltimore, NY; the toughest gun laws with the highest gun violence in the nation. Gun laws don’t mean anything to the criminals. Do you think they look at a sign that says “gun-free zone” and say “Oh we can’t go in there with our guns it’s a gun-free zone”.

Strengthening Medicare and Social Security
Quit taking from Social Security to pay for other useless departments in the government and then you wouldn’t have a deficit. How come whenever the President wants to scare the people, he says “We are going to cut Social Security and money to Veterans” the ones that have paid into this. “How come it’s never “We are going to cut welfare and food stamps or foreign aid”? the ones that don’t pay a dime. Really? 150 Billion to our worst enemies? Someone is brain-dead. Bring education back to the state level. Quit funding the arts, quit giving money for useless studies. Plenty of waste that politicians won’t get rid of because of all the special interest groups they cater to.

Addressing climate change and protecting the environment
First and foremost if people are so worried about the carbon footprint, they should look at what they do to the environment. Quit living in 10,000 square foot houses, don’t jump on your private plane at the drop of a hat; quit driving big SUV’s. The “little” people are not using all our carbon footprint. We are too busy keeping the heat down, turning off lights in our 1000 sq. ft. houses. It is the 1% that have the biggest carbon footprints. Also, how are you going to stop the biggest polluters; Japan, Korea, China, India? Do you think they will comply with all your regulations? I think not. Remember that the world has been changing since the beginning of time. Read about it.

Strengthening defense and national security
Biggest issue here. Definitely strengthen the defense, top priority. The president has made us the laughing stock of the world. Build the fence, keep people out until they are fully vetted. No refugees until vetted.

Reforming surveillance programs and protecting the privacy and civil liberties of American citizens
I think that the government has kept surveillance since they had the ability. I do not think they have a right to do this. Do surveillance on America’s enemies, not Americans.

Reducing our debt and deficit
See Strengthening Medicare and Social Security

Term limits for Congress and the Senate.
Absolutely! No one should make this a lifetime commitment. Politicians are in it for their personal gain only. They no longer care about the country except what the tax payers, special interest groups and PAC’s can do for them. It is not right and they should be limited to two (2) terms.

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