Brock Osweiler or Peyton Manning in Playoffs

The Denver Broncos have a situation that is reminiscent of the 1998 Super Bowl season. Only instead of Bubby Brister starting in place of an injured John Elway it’s Brock Osweiler starting in place of an injured Peyton Manning.

What to do now?

Coach Gary Kubiak has not wavered from his position that “nothing has changed,” in other words, Brock Osweiler will continue to start. The 98′ Broncos described Bubby’s turn at QB as “getting the keys to the Ferrari,” in regards to running Denver’s high powered offense. Brister went 7-0 as the starter until Elway returned and took the Broncos to victory in Super Bowl XXXIII.

At the beginning of this season some wondered if the Broncos would use the same strategy – only on purpose. Kubiak allowed Manning and other veterans more rest time via off days which was a first for Manning in his career. However, once the injury bug hit he was replaced with Brock and is now slated as the backup for the final regular season game against San Diego.

Here is what some people are saying:

Who would you start come playoff time?



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