Judge Rules In Favor of Tom Brady – Patriots React

Judge Richard M. Berman has overturned the NFL’s four game suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. It’s safe to say it’s party-time in Boston.

The judge was condescending toward the NFL for comparing DeflateGate to steroids at one point stating:

The Award offers no scientific, empirical, or historical evidence of any comparability
between Brady’s alleged offense and steroid use. Often, steroid use has to do with critical issues
of health, injury, addiction, and peer pressure, among other factors. See Steroid Policy at 1-2
(listing several factors related to the use of”Prohibited Substances,” including “a number of
physiological, psychological, orthopedic, reproductive, and other serious health problems, [such as]
heart disease, liver cancer, musculoskeletal growth defects, strokes, and infertility”). None of these
factors is (remotely) present here. (DeflateGate Ruling)

Denver Broncos fans are probably not in favor of the decision, nor any other non-Patriots fans for that matter. The fact is Roger Goodell picked the wrong fight against the wrong QB. Perhaps NFL owners will take a closer look at how commissioner Goodell is running their league because he certainly has egg on his face right now.

Here’s how some Patriots reacted:

Meanwhile back at NFL headquarters:

And the Patriots are #OnToPittsburgh

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