Beautiful Sunset at Red Rocks

Red Rocks is simply one of the best places to hike at sunset in the foothills of Colorful Colorado.  We happened upon this gorgeous scene and were taken by the beauty of Red Rocks and stopped for the photo opportunity.


Photo courtesy of @thefamilyo

Did You Know: Although Red Rocks is located in Jefferson County it is owned and maintained by the city of Denver?

Red Rocks was first discovered by Stephen Long who was leading an army expedition through the territory. It was originally named Garden of the Angels on July 4, 1870, by Martin Van Buren Luther, a pioneer Colorado judge. Then it was renamed Garden of the Titans by famed editor John Brisben Walker when he purchased the place with proceeds from his sale of Cosmopolitan Magazine. It wasn’t until Denver acquired the area in 1928 that was officially given the name Red Rocks.

Of course the most popular attraction in the park has got to be the Amphitheater, a wold famous venue used since 1941 for concerts and events. U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” video concert was filmed there and a number of bands over the years have performed there as well. If you have not been to a concert there you have to go sometime, there is no other venue like it.

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