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Some Interesting Things about John Hickenlooper

Hickenlooper’s connection to the Chinook Fund Although Hickenlooper makes much of his struggles to launch a business during the recession in 1988, he managed a year earlier to pitch in $2,000 of his oil company severance to co-found the Chinook Fund, a foundation that provides startup grants to community organizations that emphasize social change. He […]

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Vote YES Denver – Amendments 60 and 61, Proposition 101

Three tax-slashing and government-limiting initiatives on the November ballot would cripple Denver’s finances and restrict the city’s ability to borrow money to make improvements, Denver City Council members say. The council plans to pass a proclamation tonight urging voters to reject Amendments 60 and 61, along with Proposition 101. Voters statewide will vote on the […]

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I wish it was Friday

Do you find yourself wishing it was Friday when you just got to work on Monday? When I was young, I would trudge in on Monday and greet fellow employees on the elevator saying “I wish it was Friday”. Now I come in on Monday and say “wow the weekend just flew by”. It feels […]

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