Tim Tebow to Play Pro Baseball – Why Not?

Tim Tebow played in the NFL in a short but highly publicized and controversial career. Once it came to a halt he continued to work on his passing mechanics while serving as a SEC analyst for ESPN, he refused to believe his playing days in the NFL were over. Now, perhaps, that has changed.

Tebow reportedly invited all 30 major league baseball teams to watch him workout later this month. He wants a shot at the big show. Does it matter that he hasn’t really played baseball in 10 years? Maybe, maybe not. Two things everybody knows about Tebow are that he 1. is a natural athlete 2. he simply won’t quit.

This idea is not at all far fetched. Tebow wouldn’t even be close to the oldest rookie to start in MLB. On July 7, 1948, his 42nd birthday, Satchel Paige became the oldest player to debut in the Major Leagues going 6-1 in half a season with a 2.48 ERA and helping the Cleveland Indians win the Series.

Former major league catcher, Chad Moeller, who has been training Tim Tebow believes he at least “sell seats,” but the question is will a team be willing to fast track a 28-year-old rookie? Why not?

We know Tim can throw…but can he hit?

The swing is for real!



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