The Von Miller Quandary

Guaranteed money. That’s what the Von Miller quandary comes down too. Miller wears number 58 for the Broncos and he’s looking for somewhere around $58 million in guaranteed money on his contract. The Broncos aren’t up to that number in their offer so that’s what this standoff boils down to.

Some fans joke about it, some fans are worried about it and some fans are unhappy about it. What’s most astounding is that neither the Broncos or Miller appear willing to budge. Where does that leave us? With Miller staying away from the team on holdout, cropping John Elway out of photos and the Broncos using the exclusive franchise tag to keep the Super Bowl 50 MVP on roster.

The contract offer is reportedly for 6 years, $114M which is some nice change, however, it’s that guaranteed portion that’s being haggled about. Could Miller seriously be thinking about holding out the entire year? Would he?

Should Von Miller be the highest paid defensive player in the league? He’s arguably thee best pass-rusher in the NFL but not necessarily the best overall defensive player. There’s J.J. watt and Justin Houston. Fletcher Cox according to the Eagles and Raider nation will have you believe Khalil Mack belongs in the discussion too.

I want to be a Bronco forever. – Von Miller



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