#Deflategate – Best Tweets & Opinions

New England Patriots Deflategate

#Deflategate: Best Tweets

The #Deflategate controversy seems like it just won’t go away. So here are some of the best tweets regarding the New England Patriots and deflated footballs. It’s quite unbelievable how much attention this whole ordeal is getting.

What happened? Cold weather can deflate a ball – did you know that? The Colts could have tampered with their balls is anybody investigating that? The refs approved the footballs before the game, then at halftime removed the deflated balls for inflated balls and the Patriots DID BETTER in the second half.

The point is, I don’t think this is as big a deal as it’s being made out to be so let’s see the best tweets of people having not just a discussion about it but a little fun too.

Chad Brown ‘no head coach checks balls’

Bill Belichick agrees with Chad Brown:

Richard Sherman ‘won’t affect Superbowl’

Belichick makes team practice with ‘bad balls’

#GronkSpike Probable Cause?

Steelers Art Rooney ‘it’s not serious’

Superbowl winner Brad Johnson paid for ‘doctored balls’

Matt Leinart ‘everybody tampers with balls’

Colts TE Dwayne Allen ‘they could have beat us with soap balls’

Patriots corner Brandon Browner ‘Blount rushed for 3 TD’s’

This tweeter believes it was CBS Analyst Phil Simms sucking the air out of balls:

Bill Belichick’s presser in front of #flexball:

While they may not have tweeted it Drew Brees thinks #Deflategate is “kind of silly,” and Brady Quinn says “it’s a bunch of hot air.”

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