Tebow Greater Than Orton

Kyle OrtonEvery Denver Broncos fan knows how Tim Tebow was a far greater quarterback than Kyle Orton. So it has to be a curious thing that Kyle Orton, who was a backup to Tony Romo in Dallas, has threatened retirement only to sign in Buffalo just today, has a job in the NFL.

The reason, of course, why this is a curious signing, is that Tim Tebow, who is not currently on an NFL team, OUT PLAYED KYLE ORTON BY A MILE. Tim Tebow proved he is a much better quarterback than Kyle Orton and a far superior leader.

Orton sucked in Denver, for no better way to put it. Tim Tebow led the same Orton losing team to the playoffs and beat the #1 defense setting and NFL playoff passing record that will never be beat in the process. So why is Orton getting signed by teams and Tebow is not? Can you spell C R A Z Y?

Seriously, it’s the greatest question on Earth to ask why Tim Tebow is not starting in the NFL? Tebow holds an NFL playoff passing record that Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers or any other QB will probably never beat.

Orton’s Broncos lost, lost games they just lost, once Tebow was inserted Denver started WINNING and made the playoffs, but then he was exiled from the NFL – go figure. it makes no sense.

Go Tebow! That’s all we can say.



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